Who We Are

What is the MSFCCA?

The Maryland State Family Child Care Association (MSFCCA) is a professional association of dedicated volunteers who work on behalf of thousands of the MSDE Registered Providers that offer high-quality child care experiences to children in their homes. MSFCCA volunteers donate their time and energy to advance the profession and to see that registered family child care remains a visible and respected part of the early childhood community in Maryland.

MSFCCA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership association.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the President, Vice President of Public Policy, Vice President of Education, Secretary, Treasurer and a Delegate that represents all of the association members. The Directors meet face to face quarterly to vote on policies and positions of the MSFCCA. The Board of Directors also meets in an online format once a month for updates. Although only the members of the Board of Directors may vote on a given issue, all family child care providers are invited to attend the face to face meetings which are usually held on the last Saturday of the month in January, April, July and October. Contact the MSFCCA President for information on the date, time and location of each meeting. The Board of Directors also meets once a year for a Board Development and Leadership Training and another for Strategic Planning.


  • The Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee, chaired by the Vice President of Public Policy is your voice in Annapolis. During each Legislative Session, Bills are introduced that may affect children and/or family child care. These Bills are reviewed, discussed and a decision is made by the committee on what position, if any should be taken. Meetings may be scheduled with Legislators, testimony may be written or they may just monitor the progress of a Bill through the process. The Public Policy Committee committee also assists the Office of Child Care (MSDE) on issues related to family child care on Regulatory matters and works with other advocacy agencies like the Maryland Family Network on policy.

  • The Education Committee

The Education Committee, chaired by the Vice President of Education, is responsible for overseeing the planning, preparation and execution of the annual child care conference by the Conference Chair. Information concerning this conference is made available through the MSFCCA newsletter and web site, as well as passed along through your local association. This committee is responsible for leadership training and development for the Board of Directors and committee members, as well as assistance to local associations with technical advice that enables them to provide high quality assistance to their members.

  • The Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee, chaired by the Corresponding Secretary, is responsible for the surveying of local associations, any planned Provider Appreciation Day activities, Information Packets for new Directors, the MSFCCA Quarterly Newsletter, web site, public awareness, volunteer recruitment, and any Week of the Young Child activities. The MSFCCA offers these events/services when volunteer persons exist to organize and execute them. Please consider assisting with one of these items as this is a very busy committee that depends heavily on volunteers.

Support Network

In addition to moral support for work that sometimes can be isolating, frustrating, and overwhelming, local associations are a major source of information and education for providers. MSFCCA and local associations often help providers with communication with the Office of Child Care (MSDE), with professional training, and the purchase of discount supplies. Many associations offer trainings that are designed to help you maintain, improve or expand your business or early childhood knowledge. Topics of these trainings may include tax preparation, legal issues, first aid, CPR, curriculum development, and marketing your business. Associations also offer opportunities to network with experienced child care providers.