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Our 2017/18 Brochure is here! Print it out & learn more about MSFCCA and the benefits of being a Member.


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Child Care Professionals Needed!!
MSFCCA is in need of Registered Family Child Care Professionals to serve in various volunteer positions within the association. A few of our seasoned volunteers are retiring and would love to train new volunteers to take over important positions within the association before leaving. Credentialing PAU's can be earned for your service. MSFCCA will be celebrating its 35th anniversary soon and your help is needed to keep your association strong and advocating for best practices and high quality in Maryland family child care homes. The MSFCCA Elections will be coming up in July as well so now is the time to get involved and make your voice heard. Please contact Jacqueline Grant, the MSFCCA President with any questions at or email us at

Benefits of Membership

MSFCCA is a greatly respected family child care association in Maryland. Over the years we have built and maintained partnerships with child advocacy groups, state agencies and legislators, giving our members a voice in all facets of issues relating to family child care and the children in their care. MSFCCA, through their partnerships, is one of the few state associations nationwide that has consistently been asked to provide input regarding regulatory review and changes.

With membership in your local family child care association, you are being represented through some of the following committees:

  • Office of Child Care Advisory Council
  • Early Care and Education Committee (LAP Group)
  • Maryland Family Network Public Policy Committee and Sub-Committees
  • Office of Child Care Credentialing and Subsidy Work Groups
  • Maryland State Department of Education Head Start Collaboration and Early Education Partnerships

As Family Child Care Providers, we raise the level of professionalism by being advocates for all children. We do this through membership in local, state, and national associations, networking and mentoring with other professionals, training, and affiliate memberships with child advocacy agencies.

Becoming A Member

Membership in one of the local associations will include automatic membership in the MSFCCA. We encourage you to pursue membership through your local association, which will allow you to benefit from both Associations.

If you do not wish to join a local association, an individual MSFCCA Associate Membership is available for $50.00. Please contact Mary Ellen Young for additional information and/or questions.

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